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Forum Rules [PLEASE READ] Empty Forum Rules [PLEASE READ]

Post by Stuey on Tue Sep 30, 2008 4:30 am

This forum will only give 3 chances and ONLY 3. Look below for more info. Some rules don't apply everywhere.

First Time - Just a warning.

Second Time - If you get a 2nd warning you will be suspended. Suspension depends on the Admins mood. Very Happy

Third Time - There won't be any warning this time. You will get banned without notice. Also depends on Admin's mood if they IP ban you or just a ban.

Now for the rules. Please don't break any of them or you shall suffer the consequences.

1. No spamming.

2. No swearing.

3. No begging.

4. No 1337 language. If Admins catch you doing this on purpose you will be suspended straight away. It is annoying and everyone hates people who do 1337 language.

5. No spamming in the ChatBox.

6. No flaming. This will get you a 1 day suspension if you are caught doing so.

7. No double posting. This means you can't post the same thing twice, not that you have to wait for someone to reply to your post before you can post again.

8. Don't be mean to the staff. You will get Suspended for doing so, if you're being a real pain, they might ban you :O. Trust me you don't want to get on their bad side. Razz

9. If the server is down, don't go around spamming the forum saying stuff like ZOMG WHY TEH SERVER DOWN!!!!, that would be breaking the rules and getting you a warning, read the announcements.

10. Absolutely NO hacking, whether it is in-game or on the forum. There is NO reason why you should anyway. If you are, we'll catch you, don't worry about that.

11. Don't ask where to download the game. Its on the announcements page.

12. If the server is laggy, look at rule No. 9. (after "If the server is down" part.) Be patient, we will do whatever we can to make the server un-laggy.

13. No advertising. You're allowed to give links and stuff to other people but just don't do stuff like this. --> JOIN xxxxxMS TODAY IT IS TEH BEST IT PWNZ U NIB. You know what I mean by no advertising -.-, if u don't then you are one stupid person.

14. No racism. This will get you IP banned straight away. You are NOT superior to anyone else because of your race and you should not think so either.

15. No bragging. For example, "dude my dad super rich, he like a triilionaire, we have a house the size of a city" We don't care how much money you have or what you have.

16. No being mean to the server. If you don't like the server, you can just leave. We don't need your comments which will probably have swear words.

17. Keep on topic.

18. No asking for Admin spots. We already have enough, if we are in need, we will tell you that a spot is available.

19. No spamming on the server. Stuff like smega spamming. You get IP banned straightaway.

20. No DDoS-ing the server. You will be IP banned from both the game and forum.

21. No fighting via smegas.

22. No impersonating an Admin. Stuff like having the name 'GM' in ur name/avatar/siggy or IGN. Also includes stuff like saying 'yo foo' i got gm acc. i need to chek ur acc for security purposes'. NPMS Staff will NEVER ask for your details. You shall be suspended if you are caught.

More to be added soon, Check back often. Oh and Admin's, feel free to add anything you want Smile

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