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FAQ (Read before playing ^_^) Empty FAQ (Read before playing ^_^)

Post by Fungy on Sat Nov 01, 2008 3:50 am

Welcome to NosePickerz MapleStory! Please register on our forums, we have a great community ^_^

Our service
We are a completely Free Maplestory private server. We have downtimes once in a awhile, there are no servers that have absolutely no downtimes (except we having it right now because of fixing the server). NosePickerz's staff will always try their best to help all players.

Hacking and 3rd Party programs
Nosepickerz story is strictly prohibited use of hacks or third-party programs. Even using something small such as item vac will get your account suspended.

Glitches and Bugs
All glitches and bugs are to be reported to staff or administrator of Nosepickerz MapleStory However, If your abusing a glitch, you could still get your account suspended because abusing a glitch is as bad as hacking.

You must respect all members of the community, respect others like you would like to be respected.

Getting Started:

So you want to start out this amazing server, am I right?
First what you will need to do is check and make sure your Maple Story is at version 0.55!
After that you will need to download NosePickerz Maplestory here.
This server is also hamachi so make sure that you are connected with our network, Our User name is NosePickerzMS and the password is nosepickerzms
Now that you have downloaded it you will want to put it in your MapleStory folder!
This is located at c:\nexon\maplestory.
If you can't find that you can just type c:\nexon\maplestory in your address bar of internet explorer or the My Computer address bar.
Now that the game is set, you will need to register an account.
After you have registered you can go into the game and start playing!
Don't forget to vote.

Why i get banned?!11??
If you think you have been wrongfully banned then post in the ban appeal section (if there is one, if there isnt, please ask a GM and tell them how you got banned and post PROOF that you were banned wrongfully, if you don't have proof than don't even ask the GM to unban you.
So make sure you follow the rules!

I want to access NPMS faster
Right click on the NosePickerzMS client in your MapleStory folder and then click create new shortcut.
Drag the shortcut onto your desktop and now you can just double click on that when you want to play.

When i try to log in, it says i'm already logged in
This probably happened because you were lagging and DCed.
Just wait a while and you should be able to login.
You can also use the login unstucker on the new website when it comes up again.
If you wait a while and still can't login in then the server most likely went down.
Also if you try to login in on another character and it just freezes then DCs then the server is down.

Have fun and happy Nosepicking!

I will add more later if there is anymore to add
If i made any typos or forgot something, please tell me (by PMing)

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